Orion Spartan has been a talented and skilled writer all of his life, having his first work published in 1997, at the age of 12. He has diverse interest in various subjects, from the environment to automotive pursuits and entertainment media – allowing him to write about a very broad variety of topics, from an informed position. He spent most of his early years pursuing other careers, as a camera man on professional film and television programs, project coordinator/producer, safety technician for automotive events,, model, inspirational speaker for the disadvantaged.,, and award winning journalist.

As he was rapidly approaching 30, Orion decided to finally decide on a career that would both allow him the freedom to move around, sampling many of the world’s different offerings, and to provide him with a career that wasn’t dependent upon one specific location. So he went back to school and obtained a formal degree in his lifelong pursuit – writing; specifically for entertainment. In March 2016, he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts, from Full Sail University in Creative Writing for Entertainment.

Orion presently writes realistic drama, with subtle hints of comedy, interspersed throughout.

He is also available for new projects, via contact through this website.


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