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Here are links to articles written by Orion.

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Video Production

Here is a link to my work as a video producer.

“Cordoroy Blues” – A comedic psychological drama short.

“Yaes” – A comedic horror/thriller short.

Z-PSA – A comedic warning of the armageddon to come.

“The Lost Souls, part 1”

“The Lost Souls, part 2”

“Florida Drift – Refused, Music Video” – Street cars in Florida, drifting to Refused’s “New Noise.”


“Style” – Light comedy/dramatic short An award winning journalist, selfishly set in his ways, has to learn how to work with his opposite to complete a common goal…

“Style” Script PDF

“Decadere” – Horror Short “A lone man finds himself in the midst of an undead outbreak and must resort to desperate measures in an attempt to survive.

“Decadere” Script PDF

TV Writing

“first act of ‘Spec Elementary episode’ – ‘Flip The Script, Elementary Script, Act One’

Watson suddenly finds herself reliant on Sherlock, after experiencing a debilitating injury to her brain that causes paralysis.

“first act of ‘Spec Elementary episode’ – ‘Flip The Script.’

“Mavericks” – Original comedy/drama short parody of buddy cop shows, The notorious criminal​ ​who goes by​ ​“TheModel” kidnaps ex Special Forces soldier T.J. Rollo’s wife, so ​ ​he must team up with his old​ ​friend Detective Brock to bring the deranged ​ ​criminal to justice – all whilst avoiding complications​ ​from the police chief, Brock’s ​ ​by-the-book, partner, Straightman, and martial arts expert, FBI agent, Law.

“Mavericks” Script PDF

Game Writing

“Destination Gym”

You’re out of shape and depressed when you move to a new town and must resist distractions, both entertaining and carnal on your way to attempt to releaseendorphins to combat unsavory demeanor…

“Destiunation Gym” Game Link

Animation Writing

“Kindling” – Animated short

A new dating app throws both students and staff into a state of turmoil, by detecting hormone levels.

“Kindling” – Animated short PDF

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